Social involvement - we make a difference.

Social responsibility and active support of projects around our location has always been a central part of our corporate philosophy.

For this reason, FuelCon especially supports school and university projects strengthening and supporting not only the local economy but the positive social development of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Therefore, our engagement at UMD Racing Team from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg unites our diverse possibilities and supports future junior employees by collection important practical experiences.


In May 2012 FuelCon became the official sponsor of the university sports club Otto-von-Guericke handball department. The club history goes back to 1953 and has always been a central institution of university and student life in Magdeburg. Becoming a partner of the handball team, FuelCon not only strives for balance in life for its active employees that are members of the team but also supports young sportsmen demonstrating contribution to the youth in Saxony-Anhalt.

We have a close bond to sports since the ideals of team spirit, ambition and engagement are of central importance to our company and philosophy. FuelCon, among other engagements, provides budget for new team equipment to provide the team with an optimum set-up for their competitions setting a signal for a lasting partnership.

Youth & Education

Education is the future and the key to success. Guided by this principle, FuelCon regularly offers company visits für students during projects days or university students from various departments to give them exclusive insights into the workflows and varied challenges of a company on the international market.  During personal conversations with the company’s managing directors and employees, students get the chance to discover passion for technology and help their vocational orientation in a relaxed atmosphere.

By cooperating in the projects, FuelCon creates a perspective for the professional future of talented future employees and the incentive to make a difference. In July 2012 FuelCon joined a cooperation with the local education project “Steps to work” carried by the German Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development. “Steps to work” aims to define and develop operational processes for securing and promoting the next generations of qualified employees and executives as well as to support students in Saxony-Anhalt in their vocational orientation.