Dr.-Ing. Stefan Megel

Group Manager Ceramic Energy Converters at Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS):

At the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems in Dresden (IKTS), the development of high-temperature fuel cells is impelled intensively for more than 20 years. The team around Dr.-Ing. Stefan Megel therefor relies on FuelCon’s test equipment to validate single cells, stacks as well as large stack modules in SOFC and SOEC operations. The test stations reliably provide valuable measuring data. Consequently, they are a component for project outcomes of particular importance.

In a joint development project, the foundations for a standardized single cell characterization had been laid while the Evaluator C50-HT had been optimized for this purpose. Furthermore, a fully ceramic cell housing has been developed for optimized operation with an Evaluator C50-HT.

For the Fraunhofer key project “current as a commodity” for which an alcohol synthesis out of CO2, water and excess electricity shall be explored, an Evaluator C600-HT is used. Due to FuelCon’s innovative steam injection, it provides excellent measuring data. During this operation, potentially lethal and carbon monoxide containing synthesis gas emerges. The FuelCon safety concept is trend-setting regarding personal and system protection and creates a solid basis for developmental work.

In the past years, various stack modules with higher power rates have been developed at the IKTS. All stack modules > 5 kWel  have been examined on a FuelCon Evaluator S25-HT test station and could be used for various projects (e.g. SOFC20, Flecifuel, HieffBioPower, etc.) after successful release test.

have a longstanding and successful collaboration with the company of FuelCon, both as a manufacturer of SOFC/SOEC test stations and also as a partner for executing SOFC/SOEC tests. FuelCon’s test stations are a convenient solution for robust test environments. We appreciate the FuelCon colleagues’ work, as well as the professional processing of reconstruction activities and look forward to our further collaboration.

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3x Evaluator C600-HT
1x Evaluator S1-HT
1x Evaluator C50-HT
1x Evaluator S25-HT Hot-Box