FuelCon Equipment convinces with Efficiency and highest Safety Features

New generation charge discharge units offer high overall efficiency at extensive range of service.

The development of alternative powertrain technologies for tomorrow’s mobility has always been a complex challenge engineers and researchers around the world are working on. From a various number of different concepts, e-powertrain solutions are preferred as they are renounce on fossil fuels. Fuel cell systems or batteries are providing the required energy instead by causing no CO2 emissions which treats the environment with care.

Even if there are already vehicles with an e-powertrain in serial production the developing process for fuel cell systems or battery solutions is still ongoing. A major component of cost-intensive R&D are electric source/sink devices that collect generated energy from powertrains or charge battery storage systems. Thereby, realistic driving and stress cycles are possible which are essential for a sustainable development.

FuelCon provides the TrueData X-HVT high-efficient charge discharge unit that runs with excellent accuracy and highest system dynamics, supporting complex requirements from automotive sector in a perfect way. The application range covers voltages up to 1,000 V, currents up to 1,200 A and power up to 600 kW which guarantees a universal application. Parallel connection enables even higher currents and power. The integration of modern IGBT technology leads to an overall efficiency of 96 % as well as an optimized grid feedback. For multi-channel configurations, the energy can be distributed in an intermediate circuit, thus reducing the required power input. This handling is perfect for end of line applications or entire test fields.

Due to the high overall efficiency, the operation of a TrueData X-HVT charge discharge unit helps to reduce operational costs for expensive R&D divisions significant and to save budget short to medium-term. Furthermore, the functionality of the source/sink can be extended to an emulator (TrueData X-HVE) by easily updating the device. Thereby, the behavior of electric energy storages is functionally and electrically reproducible which is used for the emulation of battery packs or battery systems, fuel cell stacks or fuel cell systems, high-voltage power supplies, 48 V on-board power supplies or entire energy networks.

The TrueData X-HVT charge discharge unit has extensive safety features by default protecting operator, environment, device and test item in general. Those include monitored safety controllers, ISO controllers and safety according to ISO 13849.

Detailed information are available on our accessory product page as well as technical data sheet within our download area.