PEM fuel cell assembly stations and quality management

The assembly and compression of several MEAs as well as the afterwards test is a critical procedure of the manufacturing process. This production phase is prepared manually and requires several positioning fixtures. After the manual subassembly the stack will be compressed and clamped as well as electrical and tightness tested.

The FuelCon assembly stations Evaluator-M are designed to achieve highly reproducible process operation of PEM stack production with cold or hot compression fixtures.

The compression force can be up to 20 t and is user-defined programmable. Simultaneously the leackage is tested during the assembly. Through an adjustment after the assembly the electrical variables are determined.

Complete fuel cell aggregates require a functionality test as well as the initial parameterizing of the controller after the final assembly. Additionally, these test stations for final acceptance communicate with higher-ranking systems for process control. The process engineering of the test station is reduced to a minimum and consists mostly of a pressure controlled anode gas supply and the electronic load.

Automated adjustment and transfer solutions, bar code based test item identification as well as safe operation concepts complete these systems and assure a high quality, efficient and detailed documented production processes.

For the in-process quality management within goods receipt as well as within different production phases all Evaluator-C and Evaluator-S test stations can be applied in principle.