Power Electric or inverter test station

The power electrics or the inverters are important elements at power trains. The inverter generates an AC voltage from the HV board supply voltage used for the e-motor.

At the power electric test station the inverter is loaded as under real conditions. The influencing factors from the motor and the HV board supply can be varied exactly, flexible or individual.

The board supply is emulated by a high dynamic HV board supply emulator to adjust reproducible board supply situations in a fast way. The board supply emulator is able to emulate different voltages, internal resistances or dynamic behavior.

The AC side is frequently represented by a real e-motor at a load machine. Thereby speed and torque can be driven in several stress levels. In many systems the power electrics is directly located on the e-motor.

The test stations enable simulated test conditions from -40 °C up to +120 °C by use of climatic chambers, cooling circuits and cryostat circuits and offer necessary information to be able to optimize the power electrics by several environmental conditions.

Typical applications

  • Test stations for optimizing and calibration of power electrics