E-motor test station

The e-motor test station provides the research with attributes of electric motors. There are several aims of research, e.g. to proof the compliance of certain parameters (production support) or to optimize attributes like tightening behavior or efficiency (development). Therefore the e-motor test station is operated in several modes:

  • Dynamometer

At dynamometer the parameters like speed and torque as well as the power is calculated and shown in a characteristic curve (speed/torque curve)

  • Life test rig

At life test rig the e-motor is operated in continuous operation and monitored how the parameters of the e-motors change.

Important components of the e-motor test station are the dynamometer as well as board supply emulators. The mechanical coupling of the e-motor takes place by universal devices that offer a fast adaptation.

The test stations enable simulated test conditions from -40 °C up to +120 °C by use of climatic chambers, cooling circuits and cryostat circuits and offer necessary information to be able to optimize the e-motor by several environmental conditions.