As experienced manufacturer of automated testing and assembling systems, FuelCon provides with the "Evaluator-E" a system fulfilling the challenging testing requirements of different applications especially in the field of e-mobility with high accuracy and flexibility. We focus on a comprehensive solution.

Due to our expertise (fuel cell testing systems and batteries) we are able to offer test stations for typical e-powertrain versions (HEV, PHEV, EV or FCEV).

With the Evaluator-E series we offer test stations for applications like:

  • e-motor
  • power electric (inverter)
  • e-powertrain

The test stations enable the comparison, the evaluation and the optimization of e-power components as well as the emulation of requirements for final mobile applications.

Besides the dynamomter and the emulator, a typical test configuration contains test chambers, thermal concepts as well as integrated safety features for ensuring unattended long-term tests. Each test solution can be extended with further components, depending on the specific application:

  • Research and development
  • Production optimization
  • Product validation
  • Quality control in production lines
  • EOL (End-of-Line) test
  • Quality management
  • Turn-key test fields