Analytic equipment and accessories

The TrueData series consists of several innovative diagnostic instruments, that are specially developed for the characterization of fuel cells, batteries and super capacitors. The core item is the TrueData-EIS. In combination with the electronic load TrueData-LOAD, a high-capacity electrochemical analyzing system can be realized. In addition, it is possible to integrate further options such as multi-channel adapters, charge-discharge operation, or multi-quadrant operation.

TrueXessory offers sophisticated and well-engineered testing equipment that is especially designed for the challenging requirements of specific cell designs or special testing applications.

Together with the Evaluator test stations, FuelCon provides high-performance tools for the characterization, modelling and optimization of fuel cells and batteries.

The TrueData and TrueXessory series provide the following products:


Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Analyzer,
0.2 mHz to 100 kHz, DC-current to 1,000 A

Modular elektronic load, scalable from 600 W to 150 kW

Adapter for precise contacting and positioning of pouch cells

Adapter for precise contacting and positioning of cylindrical cells

All products of the TrueData and TrueXessory line can be integrated easily into the Evaluator test stations or be operated as a stand alone device. The standard interfaces allow a trouble-free integration into external test systems.