TrueXessory-PA - Adapter for Pouch Cells

TrueXessory pouch adapters are especially designed for safe and reproducible connection of all common pouch cell formats with parallel terminal lugs. Load and sense lines can be connected with the adapter contacts. Additionally, the adapter is mounted onto a fully anodized aluminum support plate that guarantees the exact and stable positioning of the pouch cell.

Thanks to the robust design and construction of the adapter and the support plate, the TrueXessory-PA is also ideally suited for pouch-cell testing in test chambers or testing directly on temperature plates.

TrueXessory-PA 200TrueXessory-PA 400
Dimensions220 x 350 x 36 mm
Connections1x 70 mm22x 70 mm2
DC current maximum 200 A400 A
Materialcopper, nickel-plated
Ambient temperature range -30 up to +90 °C
Contact resistance0.1 mΩ


For further detailed information please read our product description Evaluator-B or our technical data sheets, that are available at our download area.

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