Webinar TestWork Sequencer on May 16, 2018

Free of charge webinar about TestWork Sequencer.

For many years, FuelCon is offering powerful test equipment for fuel cells and batteries that enables complex test runs in manual, semi or fully automated operation. The key component for this scope of functions is TestWork Automation, a holistic automation concept that includs hardware components and operation software as well. During the past years, FuelCon offered various webinars for different focuses of TestWork operation software in order to unterstand specific functions and applications.

The beginning of our webinar season was dedicated to a general overview of our TestWork Automation concept. Now we are focussing on the TestWork Sequencer, a tool that enables the creation of complex sequences for automated test runs which can be executed in real-time. During the 45 minutes webinar you will get an insight into the structure and functionality of the Sequencer and the resulting application possibilities for your own test requirements.

Webinar Content at a Glance

  • Creation and management of Sequences (with TestWork Sequence Designer)
    • Usage of templates
    • Usage of notations
    • Sequence simulation
  • Import and execution of driving cycles
  • Usage of CAN signals within a sequence
  • Sequence execution


May 16, 2018
09:00 am in English language (German local time, GMT)
02:00 pm in German language (German local time, GMT)
04:00 pm in Repition in English language (German local time, GMT)


Please use the online form for your registration. Deadline is May 14, 2018. The final registration confirmation will be send with the required webinar login data after the registration deadline. In case you do not receive any email please contact us immediately.


Daniel Gipp
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